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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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At Harris Junior Academy Carshalton we provide opportunities for children to view reading as an enjoyable and meaningful activity as well as enabling them to develop their comprehension, inference and thinking skills.

Guided reading activities take place five times a week, children will read with a teacher during one of these sessions. Classes are able to visit the school library weekly and borrow books using an electronic system in addition to independent reading books that may be taken home from class. Each year group has a reading challenge where children are rewarded for reading at home; this creates a positive atmosphere and gives the children a reason for reading at home. Reading at home is recorded in children’s Home Diaries and these are checked weekly by a member of staff. Each class has a class reading book which is read during the week, this may be linked to the year group’s theme.


At Harris Junior Academy Carshalton we provide children with a wide range of opportunities for writing. Children are taught how to structure and present their written work and are taught grammar and spelling both discretely and as part of Literacy lessons. We use drama, speaking and listening, visuals, whole class texts, stories and theme work to encourage creativity and develop the children’s vocabulary.

Teachers assess children’s writing regularly and children are given feedback which directly relates to their differentiated targets. Children are encouraged to edit their writing using their ‘Purple Pen of Progress’ this allows them to take ownership of their writing and improve their learning as a result. As part of our assessment children are given a main target to focus on during their writing.


At Harris Junior Academy Carshalton we use a multi-sensory approach to the teaching of phonics. We use the programme ‘Phonics Play’ to ensure that all children have a good grasp of key sounds and reading skills. Phonics understanding is assessed and intervention groups put in place where necessary.

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